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Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

Helping you manage stress & improve your mental health by exploring intentions to manifest your purpose in life, abundance, fulfillment, and happiness.

Difficulties managing stress?

Are you having emotional issues or feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life?

Transformation is my passion. I am here to help you EVOLVE, thrive and achieve your goals! 

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As a psychotherapist and energy healer, Janell Cruz provides comprehensive counseling, therapy, consultation, and coaching services. Her goals are to help you feel confident and support your needs to overcome transitions in life challenges.


With 15 years experience working with children, parents and families of all age groups as well as from diverse ethnic backgrounds, Janell started her career as a Forensic Interviewer in child protective services. She has also worked as a school counselor for Miami Dade County Public Schools as well as for the Charter School system. Throughout the years, Janell has helped and healed the lives of thousands of individuals and families as a mental health consultant. She is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida and Virginia with a Masters degree from Florida International University.

Her mission is to continue to support and provide guidance while finding solutions to specific situations and circumstances. Promoting self-care, teaching life balance strategies, and exploring strengths to address different coping skills are key to her mission to inspire and improve lives. The objective is to create happiness and abundance through healing, while adding meaning and purpose to fulfill lives. 

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